Peruvian customer feedback on ATLAPEX CPCD35 model Isuzu engine forklift

February 23rd, 2024

Recently, we received feedback from Peruvian customers on the 3.5-ton diesel forklift they purchased. The forklift comes with a 3×4.5 meter mast, Isuzu engine, electro-hydraulics and side shift capability.

The customer expressed satisfaction with the performance of the forklift, stressing that its powerful Isuzu engine provides smooth and efficient operation, that the forklift is capable of handling heavy loads with ease and is extremely durable. Despite heavy usage, the forklift consumes very little fuel, thus saving cost.

Electro-hydraulic systems in forklifts allow for more precise control of the vehicle's movement. This means operators can easily maneuver the forklift with greater precision in tight spaces and around obstacles. The system also helps increase the speed and efficiency of loading and unloading tasks and reduces the risk of accidents or cargo damage.

The 3×4.5 meter mast is another feature that customers appreciate as it allows them to reach higher shelves and stack goods more efficiently. The side-shift feature is also a big plus for customers, as it allows them to easily adjust the position of the forks without having to reposition the entire forklift.

Overall, our Peruvian customers are very satisfied with their purchase of a 3.5 ton diesel forklift with the options chosen. They found it to be a reliable and versatile device that met their needs and exceeded their expectations. We are delighted to hear such positive feedback and will continue to strive for excellence and provide high quality forklifts to customers around the world.