The ATLAPEX APX230 Tracked Excavator: Power, Efficiency, and Comfort

February 22nd, 2024

The ATLAPEX APX230 Tracked Excavator is equipped with a powerful Cummins QSB7 engine, providing exceptional performance and power. With all imported hydraulic components, a standard 1.1 cubic meter bucket, and the option to choose an enlarged earth or rock bucket, this excavator is versatile and efficient for a variety of construction projects.

The extended design of the track system with 9 support wheels ensures stability during operation, making it ideal for challenging terrains. The fully open engine hood and large doors make maintenance and servicing easy and convenient for operators.

In addition, the APX230 features a luxurious cab with air conditioning and heating, creating a comfortable driving environment for operators. Whether working in urban construction sites or rugged landscapes, this excavator is designed to excel in any construction scenario.

Overall, the ATLAPEX APX230 Tracked Excavator combines power, efficiency, and comfort to provide a reliable and versatile machine for construction projects of all kinds.