What Are The Advantages Of ATLAPEX Electric Tow Tractors?

June 21st, 2024

ATLAPEX tow tractors are powered by electric motors, using their traction capabilities to pull flatbed trailers loaded with goods. They are commonly used for transporting goods in places such as train stations, airports, or warehouses in the automotive industry to assembly lines.

The biggest feature of ATLAPEX electric tow tractors is the use of an AC drive system, which significantly improves the overall performance of the tractor, reduces the rate of failures and component replacements, and greatly enhances reliability. 

The advantages of using AC drive system are mainly reflected in: 

(1) Low operating and maintenance costs: AC motors do not require a reversing device, saving on components.  (2) High-speed AC motors: provide stronger power and significantly improved work efficiency. 

(3) Compact and lightweight design: the small size of the motor not only increases operating speed but also enhances the overall reliability and stability of the tow tractor. 

The use of AC drive systems is becoming increasingly popular among overseas customers, becoming a trend and direction of development in recent years.

In addition, the ATLAPEX electric tow tractor has the following advantages:

1. The controller has multiple automatic protection systems.

2. Electronic power steering makes operation more comfortable.

3. AC drive system, large torque, strong climbing ability, strong power, and large traction, ensuring that the car can still drive smoothly on uneven roads and slopes.

4. Large diameter solid tires, suitable for a variety of roads.

5. Emergency power-off switch as standard configuration, just press the emergency stop button to cut off all power, the car stops immediately or quickly cuts off power in an emergency to provide safety protection.

6. Configure the power meter to remind the operator to charge in time to protect the battery.

In short, electric tow tractors play a very important role in modern logistics and transportation. With the increasing demand for logistics and transportation, the freight volume continues to increase, and various new logistics systems are constantly emerging.

ATLAPEX electric tow tractors can not only improve logistics efficiency, but also reduce logistics costs. For enterprises, modern logistics requires a large number of tow tractors, and a large number of tow tractors also need more advanced technical support to achieve fast and efficient logistics and transportation.