How to Use Excavator to Better Grasp Materials?

May 14th, 2024

When it comes to using an excavator to grab materials, it is essential to mention the hydraulic thumb clamp attachment. The bucket clamp, also known as a thumb clamp, is a small hydraulic wood grabber that combines hydraulic gripping tools with buckets, providing advantages in grabbing small wood, cylindrical objects, and strip-shaped materials. It is suitable for various working environments such as municipal construction, secondary demolition, and mining.


Advantages of the integrated hydraulic thumb clamp:

1.Flexible rotation allows for grabbing objects from any direction, especially for sorting and classifying materials efficiently.

2. Reasonable structural design with strong load-bearing capacity. A guard plate is installed in front of the bucket to reduce the possibility of material spillage or enable direct material grabbing.

3. Versatile and easy to operate with guaranteed quality.

4. Cost-effective with multiple functions and strong capabilities.


In conclusion, equipping an ATLAPEX excavator with a bucket clamp attachment can achieve versatility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, saving time, labor, and manual effort. It will be a good helper for better grabbing materials.