Farm Helper——Crawler Excavator APX18

August 22nd, 2023

ATLAPEX Crawler Excavator APX18 is a state-of-the-art construction machine combining power, versatility and efficiency. With its rugged design and advanced features, it handles a wide variety of digging tasks with ease. Whether you're working on agricultural land, construction sites and road construction projects, the APX18 is the perfect companion to get the job done efficiently.

This model is a compact excavator ,operating weight is 1800kg,digging bucket capacity is 0.06m³,which can be matched KUBOTA engine , the boom of excavator can swing to left or right , suitable for different director digging for your working , fitted famous brand main pump and valves , fitted famous brand driving motor and slewing motor, hydraulic pilot servo operation system, with rubber track, with hydraulic broken pipeline system. ensure it can work in different working environments and conditions.

It has the following characteristics:

  1. Small size, easy to transport, can be loaded on light trucks or small trailers, four can be loaded into a 20GP container, saving freight;

  2. The special design of separating the engine from the radiation space, and the enhanced cooling fan is used to improve the cooling efficiency;

  3. Well-known brands of hydraulic system components ensure stable quality;

  4. Equipped with double-layer fuel filter to ensure the purity of fuel and protect the engine;

  5. The deflection design of the boom meets the narrow working conditions, and the rubber track is strengthened to protect the road;

  6. Extend the hydraulic lines of various accessories;

  7. Comfortable seat, easy to operate.

  8. It can be widely used in horticulture, orchards, agriculture, basement renovation, coal washing plants, paper mills and other waste residue transportation, and can replace 4 to 5 people.