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 ATLAPEX 3.8 ton diesel forklift Features with Comfortable operation, its Ergonomic design gives you the best in customized comfort and safety,increases operating space and work efficiency. Expended he heat dissipation space. New type hydraulic system and upgraded brake system, strong loading capacity and high strength integrated frame which make the 3.8 ton forklift excellent while working in the field.

Comfortable Operation Space

1-Ergonomic design minimizes operator long-term work fatigue, increases operating space, increases work efficiency, and enables the driver to operate the forklift more comfortably.

Low noise, low vibration

2-Noise reduction type cushion is used to reduce vibration by 20% Sound insulation cotton is installed under the pedal, the noise is reduced by 5%

Easier to observe digital instruments

3-Digital instruments are more intuitive and accurate; Easier to operate the forklift

Fast heat dissipation

4-The fin-type oil-dispersed fin structure is special, which can form a strong turbulent flow of the fluid, thereby effectively reducing the thermal resistance and improving the heat transfer efficiency. Its heat transfer coefficient is also 5-10 times higher than that of the tube-type heat sink.

High load integrated frame body

5-The use of boltless, one-piece welding, 20% increase in strength, increased safety, rugged construction allows the truck to operate on uneven ground and long curved roads, to withstand the most demanding cargo handling operations.

Brake system upgarde

6-The brake arm is increased by 40mm; the pedaling force is reduced by 10%, the braking effect is increased by 20%, and the operation is lighter.

Strong load capacity

7-Increase load capacity by 10%, increase speed by 10%, greatly improve work efficiency.


8-The engine uses direct injection technology to optimize the combustion chamber structure and has excellent starting performance. Low speed, high torque and high power, specially designed for forklift working conditions, high efficiency fuel injection pump, fuel system adopts electronically controlled distribution pump technical route, stable idle speed, low noise and emission meets National III standard.


9-Integrated axle box structure, more stable power transmission.

LED light

10-LED lights, enough light, can provide enough light source continuously.

Rearcounter Weight

11-Independent mold opening, solid rear counterweight formed at one time, with special exhaust port.

Tilt cylinder

12-High-quality tilting cylinder ensures the stability of the mast.

Rear hook

13-Stainless steel rear tow hook, strong and durable.

Customizable Mast

14-Independent production of masts, which can be produced according to customer requirements.

Fuel tank cap

15-Sturdy and reliable fuel tank cap.


3.8 Ton Diesel Forklift Truck
Rated Load Capacity3800kg
Loader Center500mm
Lifting Height(A2)3000mm
Free lifting Height(A4)135mm
Fork Size(LxWxT(B1)1220×125×50mm
Mast Tilting Angle(F/R 6/12
Length(without fork)(A4)2815mm
Overall Width(C1)1225mm
Mast Hight After Mast Fall(A3)2180mm
Lift Height(A1)4100mm
Overhead Guard Height(A5)2070mm
Turning Radius(C2)2540mm
Front /back Overhang(B2)485/570mm
Right Angle Channel Width2500mm
Ground Clearance(Mast)130mm
Ground Clearance(Car Center)200mm
Front Tire250-15
Rear Tire650-10
Travel(Full/No Load)20/20km/h
Lifting(Full/No Load)380/420mm/s
Lowering(Full/No Load)420/460mm/s
Drawbar Pull(Full/No Load)1950/1300kg
Gradeability(Full/No Load)16/20%
Total Weight4780kg
Engine ModelXinchai   4D29G31
Rated Pover/Speed36.8/2500Kw/rpm
Work Pressure17.5Mpa
Fuel Tank   Capacity60L
Tranmission   TypeMechanical


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Diesel forklifts are powerful and versatile machines used in various industries for material handling purposes. They are equipped with a diesel engine, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications and outdoor use. In this article, we will explore the features, advantages, and applications of diesel forklifts.

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