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A self-loading concrete mixer is a multi-functional machine that can self-loading all the concrete ingredients, mix, transport, and discharge.

Self loader mixer usually possesses a four-wheel-drive system that gives high traction to help the machine work in very soft clay site conditions.

It has a hydraulic-driven drum that provides high turning that assists in reliable mixing procedure. Once the mix is ready the drum can be lifted for fast and also reliable discharge of concrete.

The self concrete mixer machine has a steel bucket that makes it possible for the operator to load resources to the drum.

The loading and also blending operations, the speed, and direction of the drum are all regulated from the cabin of the vehicle

A self loading transit mixer can be quickly packed in big vehicles and also delivered to any kind of long-distance construction site. This feature makes it suitable for little, slim, and isolated building and construction sites.


1- Many optional configuration for concrete mixer to be more efficient. ATLAPEX Concrete Mixer offers many optional configuration, which can help customer more efficient, such as two-direction cab operation, cement bucket, air conditioner, high pressure car wash, hydraulic electronic balance, Electronic shift etc.


2- Deluxe Cab for Operation Comfort. To creat very good and cofortable operation experience while working, every detials are well designed.


3- Wheel System. The self-loading mixer comes with a 4-wheel drive wheel system which makes it possible for the operator to manure with the toughest terrains in the building and construction site extremely quickly. These mixers are outfitted with high resistant engineering tires.


4- Mixing System. The mixing system in the self propelled concrete mixer assists in the blending of aggregate as well as concrete fed to the blending drum with water offered from an independent water system or through a hands-on supply. This blending drum is invigorated by a completely powered engine to deliver an uniform blend and quality concrete.


5- The Two directions for cab. Cab can be rotated, driving in both directions, no need to turn around, no need to worry about the narrow construction site.


6- High pressure wash & Self suction pump. It is more convenient and efficient to add water with the self-suction pump, and the high pressure can be used after use of mixer for a good maintaince, Cleaner, faster and more convenient.


7- The discharging system improves work efficiency. The discharging system in the self feeding concrete mixer provides option to the driver to discharge the concrete mix at different angles and also heights. The discharge system can be adjusted by the operator by regulating the blending drum angles to provide discharge in numerous elevations. The change of drum angles can be done by a handle shank in the operator cabin.


8- Weighing System. The Weighing system in a self loading mobile concrete mixer consist of computerized considering tools which regulate as well as present the weight of the material.


9- 290° Free Rotation. 290° free rotation design of our machine covers a whole range of working areas and effectively improves working efficiency to 30%.


1 2
Mixing capacity (m³)4m³
Machine size (mm)(Raised bucket)7150×2640×4330
Machine size (mm) (Lowered bucket)8580×2640×3330
Wheelbase (mm)3200
Total weight(Kg)11000
EngineYUCHAI 6105 TURBO supercharged 
Power (Kw)92
Gearbox315 Separated type
Drive axle2.5T wheel side deceleration Bridge
Tires16/70 R22.5 double tires
Bucket capacity (m³)0.65
Mixing capacity (m³)≥3.8
Reduction ratio1:103
Rotating speed(laps/minute)≥15 laps/minute
Reducer Made in china
Travel speed(km/h)25
Axle number traction type4×2


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Self-loading Concrete mixer AL 1000

Self-loading Concrete mixer AL 1000

ATLAPEX Self-loading Concrete mixer AL1000 is a highly efficient and versatile machine designed specifically for construction use. With its self-loading feature, it eliminates the need for manual loading of materials, saving both time and effort.

  • Rated Power


  • Operating Weight


  • Standard Bucket Capacity


Self-loading Concrete mixer AL 1500

Self-loading Concrete mixer AL 1500

ATLAPEX Self-loading Concrete mixer AL1500 is an efficient and reliable machine designed to meet the needs of construction projects. Its self-loading feature, high mixing capacity, mobility, user convenience, and durability make it an excellent choice for construction use. Whether it is for small-scale projects or large-scale construction sites, the AL1000 is a valuable asset that will greatly enhance productivity and efficiency.

  • Rated Power

    1 m³

  • Operating Weight


  • Standard Bucket Capacity


Self-loading Concrete mixer AL 2500

Self-loading Concrete mixer AL 2500

Self-loading Concrete mixer AL 2500 is built to withstand the demanding conditions of construction sites. Its robust construction and durable materials ensure its longevity and reliability, even in harsh environments. Maintenance is also made easy, with accessible components and a simple cleaning process.

  • Rated Power

    1.5 m³

  • Operating Weight


  • Standard Bucket Capacity


Self-loading concrete mixer AL 7500

Self-loading concrete mixer AL 7500

The self-loading concrete mixer AL 7500 offers numerous benefits that traditional concrete mixers cannot match. Firstly, it eliminates the need for additional equipment and manpower to load and transport the concrete. Its unique design allows it to load raw materials, mix the concrete, and transport it to the desired location, all in one machine. This not only saves time but also reduces labor costs.

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  • Operating Weight


  • Standard Bucket Capacity