ATLAPEX SKT110 Track Skid Steer Loader

September 15th, 2023

ATLAPEX SKT110 has track system, which allows for superior maneuverability and stability on various terrains. Whether you're working on uneven surfaces or soft ground, this skid steer loader can easily navigate through tight spaces and maintain traction, ensuring maximum productivity and safety.

Equipped with a powerful engine, the SKT110 delivers exceptional performance and efficiency. Its advanced hydraulic system provides smooth and precise control, allowing operators to handle heavy loads with ease. The machine's ergonomic design also enhances operator comfort, reducing fatigue during long hours of operation.

In addition to its impressive load capacity, the SKT110 offers a range of attachments to further enhance its versatility. From buckets and forks to grapples and augers, this skid steer loader can be easily customized to suit various applications. Whether you need to dig, lift, or carry materials, the SKT110 has got you covered.

The main technical parameters are as follows:

Weichai WP4.1-74.9kw supercharged engine, other engines are optional

Standard pilot handle

Optional heating and cooling air conditioners, optional high flow

3-3.7 meters length, 2 meters width, 2.16 meters high

Discharge height 2.45 meters

Standard bucket 74 inches

Capacity 0.55m³

Weight 4.8T

Standard load 1200kg

Track 320*84

40HQ can hold 4 units