ATLAPEX Skid Steer Loader with Chain Trencher

April 2nd, 2024

Trenching is a necessary step in laying pipelines, urban construction, agricultural irrigation, and other engineering projects. It is mainly used for excavating various ditches, water channels, drainage ditches, etc., to effectively improve construction efficiency and reduce labor and material inputs.

The ATLAPEX skid steer loader with trencher is an efficient and practical new trenching device. The diesel engine transmits rotation through a belt to the clutch, which drives the walking gearbox, drive shaft, rear axle, etc., to achieve the forward or backward linear movement of the chain trencher. 

The ATLAPEX skid steer loader with chain trencher can ensure consistent depth and width of the trenches, with adjustable sizes, greatly improving excavation quality and efficiency. The skid steer loader with trencher is specifically designed for light construction and agricultural applications. 

The trencher features a trencher boom with spring-loaded arms to reduce system vibrations, a bucket-style lifting arm to pull loose soil into the trencher to keep the bottom clean, and a auger to remove debris from the trench. The design of the digging chain can withstand harsh conditions, while the integrated anti-slip treads help stabilize the trencher during operation. An angle indicator provides the optimal trenching angle for more precise digging.

ATLAPEX skid steer loader with Trencher is a tool for excavating narrow and deep underground trenches in engineering projects, suitable for burying cables and pipelines, as well as for trenching for fertilization, drainage, and irrigation in orchards, vegetable gardens, and other farmland environments.

It improves the work efficiency of the construction party and reduces daily operating costs. Feel free to contact us for more details if you are interested in this loader accessories!