ATLAPEX New LPG Dual Fuel Forklift, Clean And Efficient

August 9th, 2023

CPY30 is the latest LPG dual-fuel (gasoline) forklift launched by ATLAPEX. It adopts GCT K25 engine and uses CENTURY brand converter to realize efficient automatic conversion from diesel power to liquefied petroleum gas.

LPG is a low-emission fuel that produces significantly fewer harmful pollutants compared to diesel or gasoline. This makes LPG forklifts a great choice for indoor use, as they do not emit harmful fumes or odors that can negatively impact air quality. Additionally, LPG forklifts contribute to reducing carbon emissions, making them a greener option for businesses concerned about their environmental impact.

LPG dual-fuel forklifts are an excellent choice for businesses that need a versatile, environmentally friendly and cost-effective material handling solution. LPG forklifts have low emissions, versatility and high performance, and can switch to fuel mode when LPG is lacking, which greatly saves operating time.