ATLAPEX New Energy AEC15 Mini Wheel Loader Cab Details

May 6th, 2024

The ATLAPEX New Energy AEC15 Mini Wheel Loader is designed with the operator's comfort and safety in mind. The cab of this loader can be equipped with various convenient features, including a mobile phone stand, radio, and safety devices such as a fire extinguisher, escape hammer, and emergency stop button located under the seat.In addition to these safety features, the cab of the loader also includes a small fan to keep the operator cool in hot weather, heating and cooling air conditioning for year-round comfort, and an LCD display for easy monitoring of machine functions.


The mobile phone stand allows the operator to keep their phone within easy reach for communication or entertainment during long hours of operation. The radio provides entertainment and helps to pass the time during repetitive tasks. 

The safety devices included in the cab ensure that the operator is prepared for any emergency situation that may arise. The fire extinguisher can quickly extinguish small fires, while the escape hammer can break windows in the event of entrapment. The emergency stop button under the seat allows the operator to quickly shut down the machine in case of an emergency.

Overall, the cab of the ATLAPEX New Energy Mini Wheel Loader is designed to provide the operator with a comfortable and safe working environment. With features such as a mobile phone stand, radio, safety devices, and climate control, operators can focus on their work without distractions or discomfort.