ATLAPEX MACHINERY skid steer loader with tree spade- a good helper for the forestry industry

March 29th, 2024

As the forestry industry faces limitations from natural factors and rising costs such as rising wages for workers, skid-steer tree spade have increasingly become one of the necessary accessories for workers in the industry.

ATLAPEX four-petal tree spade is an ideal large-scale tree transplanting equipment for landscaping projects. The equipment operating system is safe, reliable, efficient and convenient, with good soil retention and less damage to the root system. It can greatly improve the survival rate of tree transplantation and is nearly a hundred times more efficient than manual tree digging. It is the best tree transplanting tool in urban greening and road reconstruction projects.

ATLAPEX Tree spade is a revolutionary tool in the field of tree transplantation, offering a range of benefits that make it a preferred choice for many landscaping and tree care professionals.


First and foremost, our tree spade is known for its efficiency. The ATLAPEX tree spade is capable of digging out a tree in just one minute, from the bottom shovel to lifting the tree out of the ground. This means that in a day of selective tree digging, approximately 150 trees can be transplanted. When continuously digging trees to clear a site, around 400 trees can be dug up in a day. This level of efficiency is equivalent to having 30-100 tree digging workers working simultaneously.


In addition to its efficiency, tree spade also offers stability in the transplantation process. The soil ball dug out by the tree spade is shaped like an apple, ensuring that the root ball remains intact and full. This helps in preserving more roots and ultimately increases the survival rate of transplanted seedlings.


Furthermore, the high survival rate of trees transplanted using a tree spade can be attributed to the machine's integrated "static pressure cutting" technology. The cut root surface is smooth and even, with a solid soil ball that is resistant to compression and impact. Tests have shown that the internal structure of the soil ball and roots remains unchanged, leading to a significant improvement in tree survival rates.


The durability of the tree spade is also worth mentioning, as it is equipped with high-strength blade shovels made of imported wear-resistant alloy plates. These blades can withstand continuous bending of up to 140 degrees and operate continuously for 100,000 times without any damage, ensuring the machine's long-term reliability.


Lastly, the compact structure of the tree spade, with its portal frame design and precision components, ensures a tight and efficient operation. The curved structure of the blades allows for precise digging and transplanting, with a tolerance range of 0.01-0.5mm.


In conclusion, skid steer loader with the tree spade is a game-changer in the field of tree transplantation, offering high efficiency, stability, high survival rates, durability, and compact structure. It is a valuable tool for any landscaping or tree care professional looking to enhance their operations and improve the success of tree transplantations.