ATLAPEX Full Range of Forklift can be equipped with Dual Front Wheels

April 19th, 2024

ATLAPEX can offer a full range of forklifts equipped with dual front wheels, providing numerous advantages for users. The dual front wheels help to improve stability, maneuverability, efficiency, and reduce wear and tear on the forklift.

1.Improved Stability

The dual front wheels of the forklift are designed to better distribute the weight of the vehicle, resulting in improved stability during operation. This is especially beneficial for forklifts with poor balance capabilities, as the dual front wheels help to reduce the risk of tipping over while in motion.


2. Enhanced Maneuverability

With an increased contact area on the ground, the dual front wheels enhance the maneuverability of the forklift. The dual-wheel steering allows for better control over the direction and angle of the vehicle, making it more flexible and responsive during operation.

3. Increased Efficiency

The advantages of the dual front wheels extend beyond safety and control, as they also contribute to improved efficiency in transportation and handling tasks. The front dual wheels can support heavier loads, allowing for the transportation of more goods in the longitudinal direction and faster movement of goods. Additionally, the dual-wheel design reduces the vibrations felt during operation, enhancing overall work efficiency.

4. Reduced Wear and Tear

By being able to bear heavier loads, the dual front wheels help to reduce the wear and tear on the forklift's single-wheel structure. This ultimately lowers the cost of replacing wheels and extends the forklift's lifespan.

In conclusion, the inclusion of dual front wheels in ATLAPEX's full range of forklifts offers significant benefits in terms of stability, maneuverability, efficiency, and longevity. A more flexible steering design can enhance the control ability of the forklift, allowing it to operate freely even in small spaces. Higher operational efficiency also leads to better customer experience and business value. 

Therefore, for places that require efficient transportation and cargo transfer, the forklift design with two wheels in the front is a very suitable choice. The use of dual front wheels on the entire ATLAPEX range of forklifts offers significant advantages in terms of stability, maneuverability, efficiency and service life. Users can expect a smoother and safer operation, increased productivity, and cost savings in maintenance and replacement of wheels.