ATLAPEX Backhoe Loader BKA80 With A Versatile Four-in-One Bucket

May 10th, 2024

The ATLAPEX Backhoe loader BKA80 adopts central handover, small turning radius and flexible operation; adopts hydraulic transmission, four-wheel drive, stable performance and high reliability; the frame is all made of manganese steel plate, with high strength and long service life. The 4 in 1 bucket attachment is a multi-functional engineering tool that combines four different functions in one bucket. Its specific functions include:

1.Shoveling and digging: When closed, the four-in-one bucket functions like a normal shovel for carrying and digging materials.

2. Bulldozing: When the bucket is opened, the front and rear side blades can push materials to achieve the function of bulldozing.

3. Leveling Ground: With the help of hydraulic cylinders, the bucket can be used to level the ground without the need for tipping the bucket to unload materials.

4. Clamping and Compacting Materials: The tough plates on the front and rear enhance the bucket's functionality, allowing it to be used as a grapple to clamp and compact materials.

In conclusion, ATLAPEX BKA80 backhoe loader with this bucket is a versatile tool suitable for a variety of applications such as construction projects, municipal engineering, urban and rural landscaping, highway construction, mining, and port operations. It is a simple and efficient tool that offers flexibility in its use.