ATLAPEX 2 m³ Mixing Machine AL3200 Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck

March 15th, 2024

ATLAPEX self-loading concrete mixer trucks are being sold all over the world and are widely used in road construction, rural development, and building projects. With advanced technology, excellent craftsmanship, comprehensive testing methods, and top-notch service, these trucks have become a favorite among both new and old customers.

The AL3200 self-loading concrete mixer truck by ATLAPEX is equipped with a range of advanced features to ensure safety, efficiency, and productivity on the job site. One of the key highlights of this mixer truck is its vacuum steel wire tires, which guarantee no tire bursts and ensure the safety of personnel. The driving axle of the AL3200 mixer truck adopts a national standard axle with dual brake calipers and uses air brake parking to ensure braking performance. The hydraulic system of the truck features dual oil tanks and dual radiators, with a 4-way hydraulic system for independent cooling to prevent overheating and allow continuous operation for 24 hours without high temperatures, ensuring output reliability.

The large capacity of the mixer truck is supported by a variable pump for controlled mixing tank speed, providing assurance for long-distance transportation. The bucket tipping function is in line with the feeding structure, allowing for unloading at any angle to improve work efficiency. The feeding structure adopts a split-type feeding for faster feeding speed.

The water supply system of the AL3200 mixer truck offers two water supply methods. The first method is a hydraulic external water suction system on the truck, which sucks water into the water tank and then uses a submersible pump to transfer water to the tank. The second method allows remote control of water supply from an external water source, reducing the workload of workers, saving operation time, and improving work efficiency.

In conclusion, the ATLAPEX Mixing Machine AL3200 Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck is a reliable and efficient solution for concrete mixing and transportation, equipped with advanced features to ensure safety, productivity, and convenience on the job site.

ATLAPEX AL3200 self-loading concrete mixer truck is revolutionizing the way concrete is mixed and delivered on construction sites. Its innovative design allows for easy loading of materials, efficient mixing, and precise pouring. This not only saves time and labor costs but also ensures a higher quality of concrete for construction projects.