ATLAPEX AL1000 Self-loading concrete mixer with 0.7m³ mixing capacity, 3 self-loading concrete mixers can be loaded in 1X40HQ.

November 27th, 2023

One of the key features of the AL1000 is its self-loading capability. This means that the mixer can automatically load the required amount of aggregate, cement, and water into the mixing drum, eliminating the need for manual labor. This not only saves time and effort but also ensures consistent and accurate mixing ratios.

The AL1000 is equipped with a powerful engine and a hydraulic system, allowing it to easily maneuver on different terrains. Its compact design and 4-wheel drive enable it to access even tight and narrow spaces, making it suitable for both urban and rural construction sites.

Furthermore, the AL1000 is designed for easy operation and maintenance. The control panel is user-friendly, and the mixer is equipped with a digital display that provides real-time information on the mixing process. The drum is made of high-quality steel, which ensures durability and longevity.

In terms of transportation, the AL1000 offers great convenience. Three self-loading concrete mixers can be loaded 3 sets in a single 1X40HQ container, reducing transportation costs and ensuring timely delivery to construction sites.

In conclusion, the ATLAPEX AL1000 Self-loading concrete mixer is a reliable and efficient machine that is ideal for small to medium-sized construction projects. Its self-loading capability, powerful engine, and compact design make it a versatile choice for various terrains. With its ease of operation and maintenance, as well as its convenient transportation options, the AL1000 is a valuable asset for any construction team.