ATLAPEX 2.5ton Diesel Forklift

July 26th, 2023

ATLAPEX forklifts are deeply loved by customers for their excellent performance and unique appearance,this is the sixth time for the customer to purchase CPCD-25 diesel forklift,customers choose electronic automatic transmission, and use electronic lever to control forward and backward, which makes the operation easier and more comfortable.

Considering the working environment of forklifts, solid tires are the first choice in a workshop full of screws and iron filings, so customers will choose high-quality solid tires, which can not only meet daily operations, but also indirectly increase the load of the whole machine. Tires are an important part of forklifts. With the increasing market share of solid tires and filled tires, solid tires are now the preferred configuration for most customers.

The 3×4.5m full-free mast can meet the needs of customers used in the container, and can also lift the goods to the standard height required by the customer in a normal working environment. This kind of mast is widely used in forklifts for port operations, such as 3×4.7 meters, 3×4.8 meters, 3×5 meters, etc., can directly enter the container together with forklifts.

Choosing us, use machinery to make work easier.