Applications of ATLAPEX Three-Wheel Electric Forklift

June 18th, 2024

Three-wheeled electric forklifts are suitable for short-distance transportation and handling of warehouse goods, lifting, handling and unloading of logistics operations, and logistics distribution under stairs or small places, such as supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, electronics factories and other places. Because the three-wheeled electric forklift is small in size and takes up less space to carry goods, it greatly shortens the time of cargo handling and improves logistics efficiency.


ATLAPEX three-wheeled electric forklift is an electric logistics equipment with a small turning radius and high-speed driving ability. Compared with traditional four-wheeled forklifts, three-wheeled electric forklifts are more flexible and can be easily manipulated in a small space. At the same time, they can also go up and down stairs, which is more suitable for small places and small batch distribution in warehousing equipment logistics operations.


ATLAPEX electric counterbalanced forklift adopts the most scientificand advancing design ideas.

1.Streamlined design: The new design reduces air friction for improved speed and safety.


2.Excellent performance: Equipped with a 48V AC control technology and an Italian brandedcontroller with advanced hydraulic system. It offers improved performance while significantlyreducing energy consumption.


3.H-type bridge box: The compact structure enhances transmission efficiency, reduces noise.simplifies the structure, and enables lightweight design.


4.Large capacity battery: Provides longer running time.

As a new type of electric logistics equipment, the three-wheeled electric forklift is more flexible and efficient than the traditional four-wheeled forklift. In some specific scenarios, it can greatly improve the efficiency of logistics operations and reduce logistics costs. However, in some large truck loading and unloading tasks, it is still recommended to use our traditional counterbalanced forklift because it can withstand greater weight and more complex scenarios.


In addition, in daily use, you also need to pay attention to maintenance, such as checking whether the battery is working properly; whether the wearing parts need maintenance and repair; when the vehicle stops working, the power switch should be turned off to reduce the standby time in order to extend the service life of the vehicle.