Application of ATLAPEX Backhoe Loader with Telescopic Arm Attachment

June 25th, 2024

With the development of construction installation projects and industries such as national defense, the telescopic arm structure has been widely used in engineering practice. ATLAPEX's backhoe loader can also be equipped with this attachment, with the advantages of having a large carrying capacity in a small range, a long operating distance, and a high operating height under allowable load conditions. The working principle of the telescopic arm of ATLAPEX backhoe loader is to adjust the length of the boom through the hydraulic system to achieve different working distances of the machine.


The application scenarios include situations that require a wide working radius and a high working depth, such as construction sites, ports, and oil fields where lifting and transporting heavy objects are needed. However, it is important to note that although extending the front side telescopic arm of the backhoe loader for a long time will not directly cause machine failure, there are potential risks associated with it. Prolonged extension of the arm will increase the difficulty of maintenance and repair costs, ultimately reducing the equipment's lifespan. Additionally, the telescopic arm will inevitably experience friction and pressure during extension, which can lead to deformation, breakage, and oil leakage in the telescopic arm.

How to avoid the potential risks of long-term operation of the telescopic arm of the backhoe loader?

1. Avoid load extension: The telescopic arm of the backhoe loader is susceptible to deformation or fracture when extended for a long time. It is recommended to carefully analyze the working conditions before work and choose a suitable extension distance to avoid load extension.

2. Regular inspection and maintenance: The telescopic arm of the backhoe loader needs to be inspected and maintained regularly. Pay attention to whether the oil pipes and pipe joints of each part are intact to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system to reduce the probability of failures such as fracture and leakage.

3. Pay attention to operating skills: When operating the backhoe loader, pay attention to the correct use of the control lever to avoid improper operation causing excessive friction in the telescopic arm part, causing oil pipe leakage and other problems.

Overall, by implementing scientific and reasonable operation and maintenance measures, equipping the backhoe loader with a telescopic arm attachment will be an excellent choice, significantly improving the equipment's efficiency and safety.